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Gaia Wonders Welcome! We have a layaway program available on all specimens !! Now Accepting Consignments‏! Aceptamos sus productos en Consignación! Have a special request? Just email us !

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Minerals and Crystals

Our business is for the long term. As we greatly value any sale, achieving you as a lifetime customer is our ultimate goal. Regularly returning satisfied customers is the core of our daily business. The most important thing one person can give to another is their trust and their time. All Gaia Wonders inquiries today are still handled by humans, never just computers alone, giving full personal attention to you . All items can be always combined into one shipping.

Nuestro negocio es a largo plazo. Valoramos altamente cualquier venta, nuestra meta es tenerle a usted como cliente permanente, ese es nuestro objetivo final. Clientes que regresen satisfechos es el núcleo de nuestras actividades diarias. Lo más importante que una persona puede dar a otra es su confianza y su tiempo. Todas las consultas a Gaia Wonders (Maravillas de Gaia) son manejadas por seres humanos, no sólo computadoras por sí solas, dando plena atención personal a usted. Todos los artículos pueden ser siempre combinado en un solo envío para ahorrarle dinero en su envio.

A Special Note on Meteorite Authenticity:

I belong to the International Meteorite Collectors Association (IMCA), a nonprofit corporation that adheres to the strictest standards of authenticity. I adhere to the most stringent Code of Ethics in the industry. My IMCA number is 6580, which can be referenced on the IMCA website at:

Be sure to look for the IMCA logo or an IMCA number when purchasing meteorites from dealers as this is your guarantee of authenticity.